Access Level 1 Outline


Lesson 1 -  Exploring Access

Working with Access

Starting Access

Using the Interface

Using the File Tab

Opening an Existing Database

Using the Ribbon

Using the Contextual Tabs

Using the Quick Access Toolbar

Using the Mini Toolbar

Using Database Objects

Using the Navigation Pane

Opening a Database Object

Using Tabbed Documents

Closing a Tabbed Document

Closing All Tabbed Documents

Using the Status Bar

Using the Options Dialog Box

Closing a Database

Exiting Access


Lesson 2 -  Creating Tables

Using Database Templates

Creating a New Database

Designing Tables

Creating a Table in Datasheet View

Creating a Table in Design View

Adding Field Names

Assigning Data Types

Saving a New Table

Adding a Field Description

Setting a Primary Key

Using Multi-valued Fields


Lesson 3 -  Working with Tables

Using Datasheet View

Navigating Fields in Tables

Using Field Templates

Adding Records

Moving through Records

Selecting Records

Editing Records

Deleting Records

Displaying a Totals Row in a Table


Lesson 4 -  Editing Tables

Changing the Row Height

Changing the Column Width

Changing a Font Attribute

Changing a Cell Effect

Using Alternate Background Colors

Selecting a Column

Moving a Column

Hiding a Column

Unhiding a Column

Freezing a Column


Lesson 5 -  Setting Field Properties

Using Field Properties

Limiting Field Size

Setting Number Formats

Setting Date/Time Formats

Setting Yes/No Formats

Setting Default Values

Setting Validation Rules

Creating an Input Mask - Wizard

Creating an Input Mask Manually

Creating a Custom Input Mask

Typing a Lookup List

Modifying Lookup Properties


Lesson 6 -  Working with Indexes

Viewing Indexes

Creating a Single Field Index

Creating a Multiple Field Index

Deleting an Index

Creating a Multiple Field Primary Key


Lesson 7 -  Creating Relationships

Using Related Tables

Creating a Relationship between Tables

Setting Referential Integrity

Viewing Subdatasheets

Deleting a Join Line


Lesson 8 -  Using Simple Queries

Using Queries and Recordsets

Using the Simple Query Wizard

Creating a Query in Design View

Opening a Query

Adding a Table to a Query

Joining Tables in a Query

Running a Query


Lesson 9 -  Modifying Query Results

Sorting a Query

Adding Criteria to a Query

Hiding a Field in a Query

Displaying a Totals Row in a Query

Adding a Record using a Query

Printing a Query


Lesson 10 -  Creating Basic Forms

Using Forms

Using the Form Button

Adding a Record using a Form

Using the Calendar for Date Picking

Using the Form Wizard

Viewing Records in a Form

Printing Records in a Form

Basing a Form on a Query



Lesson 11 -  Creating Basic Reports

Using Reports

Using the Report Button

Using Print Preview - Reports

Printing Pages of a Report

Using the Report Wizard

Changing Views in a Report

Grouping and Summarizing Report Data

Basing a Report on a Query