Access Level 2 Outline


Lesson 1 -  Using Operators in Queries

Using Comparison Operators

Using an And Condition

Using an Or Condition

Using the Between And Operator

Using the Expression Builder

Using a Wildcard Character


Lesson 2 -  Designing Advanced Queries

Setting Top Values in a Query

Creating a Calculated Field

Formatting a Calculated Field

Displaying a Totals Row in a Query

Creating a Function Query

Creating a Parameter Query

Using Multivalued Fields

Creating a Concatenation in a Query

Filtering a Query


Lesson 3 -  Creating Action Queries

Creating a Make-table Query

Creating an Update Query

Creating an Append Query

Creating a Delete Query


Lesson 4 -  Using Controls and Layouts

Switching Views

Using Controls

Using Control Layouts

Using a Stacked Layout

Using a Tabular Layout

Removing a Control from a Layout

Moving Controls

Viewing the Properties of an Object

Changing a Control Property


Lesson 5 -  Manipulating Form Controls in Design View

Selecting Non-adjacent Controls

Selecting Adjacent Controls

Deleting Controls

Sizing a Control by Dragging

Sizing Controls Automatically

Setting Control Margins

Setting Control Padding

Hiding the Ruler

Disabling the Snap to Grid Feature

Displaying the Field List

Adding a Field

Adding a Field from Another Table

Moving Part of a Paired Control

Aligning Controls

Spacing Controls

Lesson 6 -  Using Design View

Adding a Label

Adding an Image

Adding a Rectangle

Adding a Line

Editing an Unbound Control

Using Multiple Undo/Redo in Design View


Lesson 7 -  Using Advanced Form Design

Using Forms in Design View

Creating a Combo Box

Editing List Items

Creating a List Box

Creating an Option Group

Adding a Logic Control

Setting the Tab Order Automatically

Setting the Tab Order Manually

Adding a Form Header and Footer

Creating a Blank Form


Lesson 8 -  Using Subforms/Subreports

Working with Subforms/Subreports

Creating a Subform/Subreport

Editing the Layout of a Subform

Displaying a Subform in Datasheet View

Displaying a Subform/Subreport Total


Lesson 9 -  Using Other Form Techniques

Creating a Split Form

Converting an Existing Form to a Split Form

Editing a Split Form

Adding a Command Button

Saving a Form as a Report


Lesson 10 -  Using Editing Tools

Changing the Font

Changing the Font Size

Changing the Character Format

Changing the Font Color

Changing Fill and Background Colors

Formatting Lines and Borders

Applying Special Effects

Using Conditional Formatting

Using the Format Painter

Using AutoFormat

Using Error Checking

Running the Spelling Checker

Setting AutoCorrect Options

Adding AutoCorrect Entries


Lesson 11 -  Using Advanced Report Design

Adding Report Sections in Design View

Creating a Calculated Control

Creating a Running Summary

Inserting a Date/Time Control

Inserting a Page Break

Changing the Report Margins

Using the Label Wizard

Creating a Report without Using a Wizard


Lesson 12 -  Using Advanced Database Features

Importing Data

Linking Data to an Access Table

Using the Linked Table Manager

Exporting Data

Converting Files

Printing a Relationship Document

Compacting a Database

Using Name AutoCorrect

Backing Up a Database