Access Level 3 Outline


Lesson 1 -  Using Subforms/Subreports

Working with Subforms/Subreports

Creating a Subform/Subreport

Editing the Layout of a Subform

Displaying a Subform in Datasheet View

Displaying a Subform/Subreport Total


Lesson 2 -  Using Other Form Techniques

Creating a Split Form

Converting an Existing Form to a Split Form

Editing a Split Form

Adding a Command Button

Saving a Form as a Report


Lesson 3 -  Working with Indexes

Viewing Indexes

Creating a Single Field Index

Creating a Multiple Field Index

Deleting an Index

Creating a Multiple Field Primary Key


Lesson 4 -  Using Access and the Internet

Working with Hyperlinks

Creating a Hyperlink Field

Inserting a Hyperlink Field

Editing a Hyperlink Field

Deleting a Hyperlink Field


Lesson 5 -  Using Access Database Security

Encrypting a Database with a Password

Opening and Decrypting a Database

Removing a Database Password


Lesson 6 -  Customizing the Navigation Pane

Creating Custom Categories

Creating Custom Groups

Adding Database Objects to a Group

Showing/Hiding the Unassigned Objects Group

Deleting Objects from a Group


Lesson 7 -  Exporting Data

Exporting Data to an Excel Workbook

Saving Export Setup

Dragging and Dropping Data into Excel

Creating Word Mail Merge Documents

Lesson 8 - Building a Database

Creating and Customizing Tables

Importing Data

Creating and Customizing Forms and Subforms

Creating and Customizing Queries

Creating and Customizing Reports