Macros Outline


Lesson 1 -  Using Macros

Defining Macros

Changing Macro Security Settings

Adding a Folder as a Trusted Location

Opening a Workbook Containing Macros

Running a Macro

Using a Shortcut Key

Displaying the Developer Tab

Opening the Visual Basic Editor Window

Using the Visual Basic Editor Window

Lesson 2 -  Recording Macros

Recording a Macro

Assigning a Shortcut Key

Using Relative References

Deleting a Macro

Lesson 3 -  Editing Macros

Writing a New Macro

Entering Macro Comments

Copying Macro Commands

Editing Macro Commands

Typing Macro Commands

Running a Macro from the Code Window

Lesson 4 -  Creating Macro Buttons

Using a Macro Button

Creating a Macro Button

Copying a Macro Button

Formatting a Macro Button

Moving/Sizing a Macro Button

Deleting a Macro Button

Adding a Macro to the Quick Access Toolbar

Changing a QAT Macro Button Image

Deleting a Macro Button from the QAT


Lesson 5 – Creating Macros in a Database

Working with Macros in a Database

Opening the Macro Tools Window

Creating a Macro

Displaying Macro Design Arguments

Assigning an Argument to an Action

Saving a Macro

Using Single Step Mode for Testing

Running a Macro

Editing an Existing Macro

Lesson 6 – Using Macros in a Database

Using Properties

Assigning a Macro to a Control

Creating a Command Button

Adding a Condition to a Macro

Creating a Group Macro

Creating an Autoexec Macro