Excel Level 1 Outline


Lesson 1 - Exploring Excel

Working with Excel

Starting Excel

Using the Interface

Using the File Tab

Exploring Excel Options

Working with Worksheets

Using the Ribbon

Hiding the Ribbon

Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar

Using the Mini Toolbar

Customizing the Status Bar

Exiting Excel


Lesson 2 -  Using Basic Workbook Skills

Selecting a Cell using the Keyboard

Using KeyTips

Scrolling using the Mouse

Using the Scroll Bar Shortcut Menu

Using the Go To Dialog Box

Entering Text into Cells

Entering Numbers into Cells

Saving a New Workbook

Closing a Workbook

Creating a New Workbook

Using a Template

Opening an Existing Workbook

Using Data Entry Shortcuts

Editing Cell Entries

Checking Worksheet Spelling

Creating a New Folder

Renaming an Existing Workbook


Lesson 3 -  Working with Ranges

Using Ranges

Selecting Ranges with the Mouse

Selecting Ranges with the Keyboard

Selecting Non-adjacent Ranges

Entering Values into a Range

Using the Auto Fill Feature


Lesson 4 -  Creating Simple Formulas

Using Formulas

Entering Formulas

Using Functions

Using the AutoSum Button

Using the AutoSum List

Using Formula AutoComplete

Inserting Functions in Formulas

Editing Functions

Using the AutoCalculate Feature

Using Range Borders to Modify Formulas

Checking Formula Errors


Lesson 5 -  Copying and Moving Data

Copying/Cutting and Pasting Data

Copying and Pasting Formulas

Using the Paste Options Button

Using the Paste List

Using the Clipboard Task Pane

Creating an Absolute Reference

Filling Cells

Using Drag-and-Drop Editing

Using Undo and Redo


Lesson 6 -  Printing

Previewing a Worksheet

Printing the Current Worksheet

Printing a Selected Range

Printing a Page Range

Printing Multiple Copies


Lesson 7 -  Using Page Setup

Setting Margin and Centering Options

Changing Page Orientation and Paper Size

Repeating Row and Column Labels

Scaling a Worksheet

Changing Page Breaks

Setting/Removing a Print Area

Changing Sheet Options

Creating Headers and Footers

Using Built-in Headers and Footers


Lesson 8 -  Formatting Numbers

Using Number Formats

Using the Accounting Number Style

Using the Percent Style

Using the Comma Style

Changing Decimal Places


Lesson 9 -  Formatting Text

Formatting Cell Text

Changing an Existing Font

Modifying the Font Size

Using Bold and Italics

Underlining Text

Changing the Font Color

Rotating Text in a Cell

Wrapping Text in a Cell

Shrinking Text in a Cell

Changing Cell Alignment

Changing Text Indentation


Lesson 10 -  Working with Columns and Rows

Selecting Columns and Rows

Using Narrow Column Tooltips

Changing the Width of Columns

Changing the Height of Rows

Adjusting Columns Automatically

Hiding Columns and Rows

Unhiding Columns and Rows

Inserting a Column

Insert a Row

Deleting a Column, Deleting a Row


Lesson 11 -  Formatting Cells

Using the Merge and Center Button

Changing the Vertical Alignment

Splitting Cells

Using the Borders Button

Drawing Cell Borders

Using the Fill Color Button

Pasting Formats

Using the Format Painter Button

Copying Formats to Non-Adjacent Cells

Clearing Formats

Inserting Selected Cells

Inserting Cut or Copied Cells

Deleting Selected Cells


Lesson 12 -  Creating Charts

Using Charts

Creating Charts

Moving and Resizing Charts

Identifying Chart Elements

Changing the Chart Type

Changing the Plot Direction

Removing/Adding a Legend

Moving the Legend

Charting Non-adjacent Ranges

Changing the Chart Range

Changing the Data Source

Changing the Chart Location

Printing a Chart


Lesson 13 -  Formatting Charts

Formatting Charts

Adding Chart Titles

Formatting Chart Elements

Changing the Text Orientation

Adding a Data Table

Creating an Exploded Pie Chart

Adjusting the 3-D View

Deleting a Chart


Lesson 14 -  Getting Help

Using Microsoft Excel Help and Resources

Working with Excel Help

Looking Further for Answers