Excel Level 2 Outline


Lesson 1 -  Using Large Worksheets

Increasing the Magnification

Decreasing the Magnification

Changing the Magnification of a Range

Switching to Full Screen View

Splitting the Window

Removing Split Windows

Freezing the Panes

Unfreezing the Panes


Lesson 2 -  Working with Multiple Worksheets

Using Multiple Worksheets

Navigating between Worksheets

Selecting Worksheets

Renaming Worksheets

Selecting Multiple Worksheets

Coloring Worksheet Tabs

Inserting Worksheets

Deleting Worksheets

Printing Selected Worksheets


Lesson 3 -  Managing Worksheets

Copying Worksheets

Moving Worksheets

Using Grouped Worksheets

Moving Data between Worksheets

Copying Data between Worksheets

Creating 3-D Formulas

Using 3-D Ranges in Functions


Lesson 4 -  Using Range Names

Working with Range Names

Jumping to a Named Range

Assigning Names

Using Range Names in Formulas

Creating Range Names from Headings

Applying Range Names

Deleting Range Names

Using Range Names in 3-D Formulas

Creating 3-D Range Names

Using 3-D Range Names in Formulas


Lesson 5 -  Using Other Functions

Using Function Arguments

Using Financial Functions

Using Logical Functions

Using Date Functions

Formatting Dates

Revising Formulas


Lesson 6 -  Managing Data

Sorting Lists

Sorting in Ascending/Descending Order

Finding Data

Replacing Data

Finding and Replacing Cell Formats


Lesson 7 -  Using AutoFilter

Enabling AutoFilter

Using AutoFilter to Filter a List

Clearing AutoFilter Criteria

Creating a Custom AutoFilter

Disabling AutoFilter

Lesson 8 -  Working with Tables

Using Tables

Creating a Table from Existing Data

Changing the Table Name

Changing the Table Style

Changing Table Style Options

Creating a Total Row

Adding Table Rows and Columns

Inserting/Deleting Table Rows/Columns

Creating a Calculated Column

Selecting Parts of a Table

Moving a Table

Sorting Data by Multiple Levels

Using Text Filters

Using Number Filters

Using Data Validation

Validating Data using a List

Creating a Custom Error Message

Removing Data Validation


Lesson 9 -  Managing Files

Changing Workbook Properties

Selecting File Views

Sorting Excel Files

Using the Document Recovery Pane

Inspecting a Document

Marking a Document as Final

Saving to a PDF Format

Using the Compatibility Checker

Converting a File to 2007 Format

Saving as a Binary Format


Lesson 10 -  Using HTML Files


Previewing a Web Page

Creating a Hyperlink

Editing a Hyperlink

Saving a Worksheet as a Web Page

Using Publishing Options

Opening an HTML File


Lesson 11 -  Working with Comments

Creating Comments

Viewing a Comment

Reviewing Comments

Printing Comments

Responding to Discussion Comments