Excel Level 3 Outline

Lesson 1 -  Using Advanced Functions

Using Lookup Functions

Using the VLOOKUP Function

Using the HLOOKUP Function

Using the IF Function

Using Nested IF Functions

Using the ISERROR Function

Using an AND Condition with IF

Using an OR Condition with IF

Using the ROUND Function

Limiting the Precision of Numbers

Lesson 2 -  Exporting and Importing Data

Exporting Data to Other Applications

Importing Data from Access

Importing Data from Text Files

Changing External Data Range Properties

Importing Data from Other Applications

Removing the Query Definition

Importing Dynamic Data from the Web

Copying a Table from a Web Page


Lesson 3 -  Working with Outlines

Applying an Outline

Collapsing/Expanding an Outline

Modifying Outline Settings

Using Auto Outline

Clearing an Outline

Creating Subtotals in a List

Removing Subtotals from a List


Lesson 4 -  Using Conditional and Custom Formats

Applying Conditional Formats

Changing a Conditional Format

Adding a Conditional Format

Creating a Custom Conditional Format

Using Data Bars

Deleting a Conditional Format

Creating a Custom Number Format


Lesson 5 -  Using Paste Special

Working with Paste Special

Copying Values between Worksheets

Copying Formulas between Worksheets

Performing Mathematical Operations

Lesson 6 -  Using Multiple Workbooks

Opening Multiple Workbook Windows

Cascading Open Workbook Windows

Activating Cascaded Workbook Windows

Tiling Open Workbook Windows

Activating Tiled Workbook Windows

Comparing Workbooks Side by Side

Copying Data between Workbooks

Saving a Workspace

Closing All Open Workbooks

Opening a Workspace

Linking Workbooks

Opening Linked Workbooks


Lesson 7 -  Working with Data Series

Using the Series Command

Creating a Linear Series

Creating a Date Series

Using a Stop Value

Creating a Growth Trend Series


Lesson 8 -  Creating/Revising PivotTables

Creating a PivotTable Report

Adding PivotTable Report Fields

Selecting a Report Filter Field Item

Refreshing a PivotTable Report

Changing the Summary Function

Adding New Fields to a PivotTable Report

Moving PivotTable Report Fields

Using Expand and Collapse Buttons

Hiding/Unhiding PivotTable Report Items

Deleting PivotTable Report Fields

Creating Report Filter Pages

Formatting a PivotTable Report

Creating a PivotChart Report

Publishing PivotTable Reports to the Web


Lesson 9 -  Using Scenarios and Goal Seeking

Using the Scenario Manager

Creating a Scenario

Displaying a Scenario

Editing a Scenario

Creating a Scenario Summary Report

Using Goal Seek


Lesson 10 -  Consolidating Worksheets

Using Consolidated Worksheets

Consolidating by Category or Position