Word Level 1 Outline 


Lesson 1 -  Exploring Word

Working with Word

Starting Word

Using the Interface

Using the File Tab

Using the Quick Access Toolbar

Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar

Using the Mini Toolbar

Using Ribbons and Tabs

Using Dialog Box Launchers

Using Program Tabs

Using Contextual Tabs

Using Live Preview

Exiting Word


Lesson 2 -  Using Basic Document Skills

Entering Text into a Document

Saving a New Document

Closing a Document

Creating a New Document

Opening an Existing Document

Scrolling using the Mouse

Moving using the Keyboard

Selecting Text

Using Overtype Mode

Creating a New Folder

Renaming an Existing Document

Saving a Document in PDF or XPS Format


Lesson 3 -  Using Basic Text Editing

Removing Characters

Deleting Selected Text

Replacing Selected Text

Cutting/Copying and Pasting Text

Using the Paste Options Button

Using the Clipboard Pane

Changing Office Clipboard Options

Sharing the Office Clipboard

Using Drag-and-Drop Editing

Using Undo and Redo


Lesson 4 -  Checking Spelling and Grammar

Checking Spelling/Grammar as You Type

Adding to the Custom Dictionary

Setting Global Spelling Checker Settings

Setting Exceptions for a Document

Using the Exclusion Dictionary

Running the Spelling Checker

Running the Grammar Checker

Selecting Grammar and Style Options

Using Contextual Spelling

Lesson 5 -  Using AutoCorrect

Setting AutoCorrect Options

Using the AutoCorrect Options Button

Creating AutoCorrect Exceptions

Creating an AutoCorrect Entry

Creating a Formatted AutoCorrect Entry

Deleting an AutoCorrect Entry


Lesson 6 -  Printing

Previewing a Document

Quick Printing the Current Document

Printing the Current Page

Printing Multiple Copies

Printing Envelopes and Labels


Lesson 7 -  Working with Document Views

Switching Document Views

Hiding White Space in Print Layout View

Using Full Screen Reading View

Changing Document Magnification

Displaying/Hiding the Rulers

Viewing/Hiding the Formatting Marks

Opening Multiple Documents

Switching between Documents

Comparing Side by Side Documents

Using Synchronous Scrolling

Lesson 8 -  Using Character Formatting

Formatting Characters

Changing an Existing Font

Modifying the Font Size

Using Bold and Italics

Underlining Text

Highlighting Text

Copying Character Formatting

Changing Character Case


Lesson 9 -  Using Paragraph Formatting

Formatting Paragraphs

Aligning Paragraphs

Using Click and Type to Align Text

Modifying Paragraph Spacing

Revealing Formatting

Modifying Line Spacing

Copying Paragraph Formats


Lesson 10 -  Indenting Paragraphs

Changing the Left Indent

Indenting the First Line

Creating a Hanging Indent

Creating a Right Indent


Lesson 11 -  Using Styles

Using the Quick Styles Gallery

Using Style Inspector

Managing Styles

Applying Styles

Creating a Style

Adding a Style to the Quick Styles Gallery

Editing an Existing Style

Clearing Formats and Styles

Deleting a Style


Lesson 12 -  Formatting with Document Themes

Selecting a Theme

Creating New Theme Colors

Creating New Theme Fonts

Changing Theme Effects


Lesson 13 -  Using Document Formatting

Formatting Documents

Inserting a Manual Page Break

Removing a Manual Page Break

Changing the Page Orientation

Changing the Document Margins

Changing the Paper Size

Changing the Vertical Alignment

Lesson 14 -  Applying Borders and Shading

Using Borders and Shading

Adding Borders and Shading to Text

Adding a Border to a Page

Adding a Border to a Table

Removing a Border from a Table

Adding and Removing Shading


Lesson 15 -  Setting Tabs

Using Tab Stops

Setting Tab Stops

Deleting and Moving Tab Stops

Clearing All Tabs

Creating a Leader Tab

Creating a Bar Tab


Lesson 16 -  Using Numbers and Bullets

Typing a Numbered or Bulleted List

Adding Numbers or Bullets to Text

Deleting a Numbered or Bulleted Item

Adding a Numbered or Bulleted Item

Removing Numbers or Bullets from Text

Changing a Bullet or Number Style


Lesson 17 -  Working with Headers and Footers

Creating Headers/Footers using the Galleries

Inserting Page Numbers using the Gallery

Inserting the Current Date

Creating a First Page Header/Footer

Alternating Odd and Even Headers/Footers

Setting the Starting Page Number


Lesson 18 -  Inserting Dates and Symbols

Inserting the Date and Time

Inserting Symbols

Inserting Special Characters