Word Level 2 Outline


Lesson 1 -  Inserting Graphics

Inserting Online Pictures

Inserting a Picture

Formatting Picture

Creating Watermarks


Lesson 2 -  Using SmartArt

Creating SmartArt Graphics

Changing Colors of a SmartArt Graphic

Applying a SmartArt Graphic Style

Lesson 3 -  Using Find and Replace

Using Find

Using Find Options

Finding Special Characters

Finding a Format

Using Replace


Lesson 4 -  Exploring the Research Task Pane

Opening the Research Task Pane

Adding Research Services

Using the Thesaurus to Look up Synonyms

Using the Thesaurus to Look up Antonyms

Translating Text

Searching for Information


Lesson 5 -  Using Templates

Selecting an Existing Template

Creating a Template

Modifying a Template

Deleting a Template


Lesson 6 -  Using Newsletter-style Columns

Creating Newsletter-style Columns

Navigating Columns

Changing the Number of Columns

Changing Column Width and Spacing

Adding a Vertical Line between Columns

Balancing Column Length


Lesson 7 -  Using Outline View

Creating an Outline

Working in Outline View

Collapsing/Expanding Outline Headings

Displaying Outline Heading Levels

Moving an Outline Heading or Body Text

Numbering the Outline Levels

Displaying/Hiding Outline Text Formats


Lesson 8 -  Using Word HTML Features

Saving Files in the HTML File Format

Using Hyperlink Automatic Formatting

Linking to a Page

Linking to a Location in a Page

Pasting a Link

Updating a Link

Browsing Linked Pages and Locations

Editing a Hyperlink

Modifying HTML Files


Lesson 9 -  Working with Comments and Revisions

Enabling Change Tracking

Setting Change Tracking Options

Disabling Change Tracking

Inserting Comments

Managing Comments

Viewing and Navigating Comments

Enabling Balloon Options

Selecting Options for Show Markup

Displaying the Reviewing Pane

Comparing Documents

Combining Multiple Revisions

Reviewing Tracked Changes

Accepting/Rejecting All Changes

Printing Markup


Lesson 10 -  Working with Tables

Creating a Table

Navigating a Table

Entering Text into a Table

Inserting a Blank Line

Using Table Styles

Hiding and Showing Gridlines

Using the Draw Table Feature

Converting Existing Text into a Table

Inserting Quick Tables


Lesson 11 -  Editing a Table

Selecting Table Components

Selecting the Entire Table

Inserting Rows and Columns into a Table

Merging Cells

Rotating Text in a Table

Changing Column Width and Row Height

Aligning Table Text

Distributing Rows and Columns Evenly

Splitting Cells

Deleting Columns and Rows

Setting Table Properties

Converting a Table into Text

Creating a Table Heading

Lesson 12 -  Sorting Table Data

Designing a Table to be Sorted

Sorting a Table Alphabetically

Sorting a Table Numerically

Sorting a Table by Date

Sorting a Table by Multiple Columns

Lesson 13 -  Using Mail Merge

Working with Mail Merge

Starting Mail Merge

Using the Mail Merge Wizard

Identifying the Main Document

Creating a Recipient List

Customizing Columns in a Recipient List

Rearranging Columns in a Recipient List

Saving a Recipient List

Entering Records into a Recipient List

Sorting Records to be Merged

Highlighting Merge Fields

Inserting Merge Fields into a Document

Previewing Merged Data

Merging to a New Document

Merging to the Printer

Sending Email Messages


​Lesson 14 -  Creating a Table of Contents

Using a Table of Contents

Generating a Table of Contents

Removing a Table of Contents

Using Custom Styles

Viewing the TOC Field Code

Updating a Table of Contents

Inserting TC Field Codes

Using TC Fields

Using Outline Levels

Lesson 15 -  Creating an Index

Using an Index

Creating Main Index Entries

Creating Index Subentries

Typing Index Entries

Cross-referencing Index Entries

Generating an Index

Viewing the INDEX Field Code

Updating an Index

Lesson 16 -  Creating Citations and Bibliography

Inserting Citations

Managing Sources

Editing Citation and Bibliography Styles

Inserting a Bibliography

Lesson 17 -  Using Forms

Creating a Form

Saving a Form as a Template

Setting Properties for Controls

Using Legacy Tools and ActiveX Controls

Protecting a Form

Inputting Data into a Form

Deleting a Form Template

Printing a Form

Lesson 18 -  Protecting a Document

Opening the Protect Document Button

Restricting Document Formatting

Restricting Document Editing

Creating Restriction Exceptions