Word Level 3 Outline


Lesson 3 -  Working with Lists

Customizing Numbered/Bulleted Lists

Bulleting/Numbering a Multilevel List

Creating a New List Style

Sorting a List Alphabetically


Lesson 4 -  Using Macros

Displaying the Developer Tab

Recording a Macro

Running a Macro

Editing a Macro

Adding a Macro Button to a Toolbar

Organizing Macro Projects

Deleting a Macro



Lesson 9 -  Creating Captions

Inserting a Caption

Inserting a Table of Figures

Updating a Table of Figures

Inserting a Cross-reference



Lesson 11 -  Creating a Table of Authorities

Marking Citations

Inserting a Table of Authorities

Updating a Table of Authorities


Lesson 12 -  Using Bookmarks

Working with Bookmarks

Creating Bookmarks

Viewing Bookmarks

Going to a Bookmark

Cross-referencing to a Bookmark

Deleting a Bookmark


Lesson 13 -  Using Footnotes and Endnotes

Using Notes

Inserting Notes

Setting Note Options

Viewing Notes

Browsing Notes

Moving and Copying Notes

Deleting a Note


Lesson 14 -  Customizing Word Preferences

Changing the Default Font Attributes

Changing the Default Page Settings

Setting Word Options

Modifying Default File Locations

Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar